Stemme S10 VT

The Stemme glider is itself a marvel of technology, superbly built and tuned to perform at such high altitudes and over great distances. This spectacular flight offers the chance for an experience in the air like no other, soaring over the giant peaks of the Himalayas, with a professional pilot of world class standard. 


The Stemme glider Specifications:

Cruise speed 259 kmh/161 mph

Stall speed 78 kmh/48 mph

Range 1730 km/1075 mi

Rate of climb 4.0 m/s, 787 ft/min

Service ceiling 9140m/29990 ft)




G limits +5.3/-2.65

Maximum glide ratio: 50

Propeller 2-bladed

Wingspan 23.00 m / 75 ft 6 in

Height 1.80 m / 5 ft 11 in

Wing area 18.70 m2 / 201 sqft

Empty weight 645 kg / 1,422 lb

Gross weight 850 kg /1,874 lb

Powerplant Rotax 914 turbocharged